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hard to find collector items


Beaulieu 16mm camera

Probably the best 16mm camera ever made


16mm movie camera Beaulieu R16

Fantastic Angenieux zoom lens 12x120 mm

By far the best lens for 16mm camera of super wide angle to Tele with high luminous intensity.

Movies such as the Palme d'Or winner "Un Homme et une Femme" were shot using the Beaulieu R16

10,000 € o.n.o.


Another Beaulieu vintage camera

Extremely rare vintage Camera Beaulieu 16MM 2 revolving lenses F10 1:1.9 et F50 1:1.35 Berthiot

2,500 € o.n.o.


Vintage Gevaert Carena camera

The Carena Gevaert made in France is a beautiful example of a modern designed camera from about 1954! It has a Som Berthiot Cinor B 12.5mm f:1.9 fixed focus lens. This is the 4 speed model, with 8, 16, 24, 32 fps.

Another extremely rare camera: the vintage Carena

2,500 € o.n.o.


Vintage Coronet folding camera: 500 €


Vintage Novar from Zeiss Ikon

Zeiss Ikon folding Novar Anastigmat, lens 75mm 1:6.3

500 €


LEICA: the original Leicaflex SL made by Leitz

The famous Leicaflex SL of Leica was a SLR made by Leitz from 1968 to 1974 as the second iteration of the Leicaflex series.

This camera is delivered with a Vivitar zoom lens 55mm-135mm F 1:3.5

1,500 € o.n.o. 


Canon EOS 5 film camera

The Canon EOS 5 (sold as the EOS A2 and A2e in the USA) is a semi-professional autofocus, autoexposure 35 mm SLR film camera. 

Zoom Autofocus lens 28mm - 105mm F 1:3.5 - 1:4.5

1,200 € o.n.o. 


The vintage brownie starflash camera for color and BW: 150 €

The Polaroid Land vintage camera: 150 €



Vintage Ultrafex camera


The Ultrafex is a "Fexar-optic-Spec" 85mm was designed to take the 620 film

The Apertures (or ƒ-stops) are labeled “Normal” (= ƒ11) or “Intense” (= ƒ16)

The Shutter Speeds available are 1/25, 1/50, 1/100

1,500 € o.n.o.





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