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All paintings are originals. Not copies

Some of the artists are already in museums

I will make pics and post them

Here are just a few OUT OF 15

Please make offers as some are really priceless



This painting needs to be seen from far: you will see the Joconde !

(56cm X 46cm framed)

please make offer


please make offer

Celestin Faustin Garden of Eden

Purchased in 1980. Framed (63cm X 63cm)

Celestin Faustin . Signed and dated 1974 (134cm X 74cm framed) Purchased in 1980


Célestin Faustin, an Haitian painter facing the sacred
In the course of his fourteen-year career (1967-1981), Célestin Faustin developed a highly complex body of work. He accomplished this within the context of the new iconographic regime, established in Haiti between 1930 and 1950. Though his way of proceeding can be understood through the main modes of expression (narration, metamorphosis, “presentification” and apparition) which are characteristic of this iconographic regime, the originality of Faustin’s work stems from the categories of expression that he favours and the way he combines them. Also, this originality comes, above all, from the fact that the whole of his œuvre unfolds within the limits of the one problematic which can be read as a true “narration of the self”.


Certificate signed by Prefete Duffaut. Painting purchased in 1974 in Port-Au-Price, Haiti


40cm X 30cm unframed

Paintings of Prefete Duffaut are exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum


another pic of a painting by Prefete Duffaut soon HERE

  • Préfète Duffaut
    Artist, extract from Wikipedia
  • Préfète Duffaut was a Haitian painter. Born near Jacmel, where he lived and worked.

  •  In the early 1950s Duffaut was one of several artists invited to paint murals in the interior of the Cathedral of Sainte Trinité (largely destroyed in the January 2010 earthquake) in Port-au-Prince.

    Duffaut paints in the vernacular style and his oeuvre typically consists of fantastical "imaginary cities" (villes imaginaires), that often contain coastal elements with boats. The cityscapes are strongly influenced by the coastal city of Jacmel. Another recurrent theme, especially in earlier works, is imagery associated with Vodou.

    Duffaut is an enduring icon, a sacred monster of Haitian art.





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