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Japanese ceremony and wedding silk kimono hand embroidered with gold and silver


This unique ceremony or wedding kimono was achieved through the skills of individual artisans who either hand wove, hand dyed and painted, or hand embroidered each piece to special order for the upper classes.

These labor intensive efforts were reflected through meticulous, time consuming, artistic detail, in addition to the use of such priceless metals as gold, platinum and silver

This incredible kimono reflect an indulgence and desire for luxurious fabrics, blending the evolution of Japanese culture with its history. The result is a kimono of museum quality, one of a kind and increasingly rare.

Originally, only members of the Imperial Court could wear tis quality of kimono. Today, this has led to severe limitations in availability. It has also made this kimono a rare piece more difficult to obtain, as many of the families who own such treasures will only make them accessible to those in their own inner circle.

This kimono has been acquired through contacts who are descendents of Japanese royalty at the time where I was manufacturing video games in Japan under the brand name of Karateco.




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